Loudi annual allocation of 10 million continue to promote the construction of innovation and entrepr

2015 years, much slower economic growth, although still maintain a certain growth rate, but its decline has been signs. Want to stimulate economic vitality, reshape corporate confidence, but also the need for government guidance.

the "measures" clear premium range into the city’s "623" project in Loudi economic and Technological Development Zone, Lianyuan Economic Development Zone, Lengshuijiang Economic Development Zone, Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone, Xinhua economic development zone and Zone Industrial Park District 6 meet the conditions of the standard workshop and new enterprise award; the subsidy standard of 10 yuan per square meter. The declaration procedure formulated by the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, city development and Reform Commission organize the joint meeting of innovation and entrepreneurship Park "project 623" member units of supervision and management, at the same time, to encourage the county government in accordance with the measures for the construction of standard factory buildings, and encourage enterprises in to preferential policies.

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