Shi Gong college students most blindly blindly follow the trend

innovation and entrepreneurship is the core of creativity, college students is blindly blindly follow the trend. Therefore, many college students how to do a better job, the National People’s Congress, vice president of Tsinghua University Shi Gong, bring the need to start college students better suggestions.

in ordinary colleges and universities, there are college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program, therefore, college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship has relative advantage. However, today’s college students are in full swing, but there are a lot of people into the wrong, the failure of the case is not in the minority.

on entrepreneurs personally, must walk the road of entrepreneurship, need to accumulate experience. Although the newly graduated college students have the relevant theoretical knowledge, but lack of practical experience. Moreover, many college students love but become an independent school across fields, if too large, easy to cause, rush.



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