Hu Haiquan, a guide to the identity of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to join the negotiations

is now the star of venture capital is nothing new, it can be said that this craze has begun to tap into the entertainment industry. The acceleration of the dream, this program will take you to learn more entrepreneurs story!


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Zhijian large business TV, Shenzhen TV media produced heavy launch will venture into three-dimensional combat, and entertainment into the blood. Hu Haiquan when the first dream mentor, led hundreds of stars big coffee cross-border venture capital, which entrepreneurs can take over the hands of millions of venture capital in the hands of Hai Quan? Suspense is about to be announced.

Hu Haiquan

40 seconds; decision

is not a VC program is so fun, in just 24 hours, in the designated space 200 square meters, two entrepreneurial team staged dragon and tiger fight, win the group can take away 1 million of the current entrepreneurial dream fund. It is understood that the famous musician Hu Haiquan will serve as the program’s dream mentor". Prior to the star partner to participate in the venture capital program Hu Haiquan in Shenzhen satellite TV for the dream to accelerate the identity upgrade, has become the first big BOSS.

in order to win the hands of Hai Quan in the crucial vote, two CEO firepower, gexianshentong. A spoiled sell adorable main emotional card, let many people read her "heart" gun brother, another assertive sharp, trying to choose their own spring brother, but also called Hu Haiquan was very astonished saw strong wind and big waves. So a thrilling scene a little less than 5 square meters of the elevator, gun brother really "maxima" who will it be?

left Lizzie "first tear" fierce   led hundreds of stars help Gen

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