Train station near the stall Raiders

put the stall has become a lot of people sideline, stream of people in the local natural business good old, people will invariably think of the railway station! Railway station is a good place to put a stall, a huge flow of people, but a rare opportunity oh. Do not know if you have not put a stall in the railway station, even if there should be no other people have seen in the railway station over the stall it, here are some of the people in the railway station stall to survive a good way.

1 vehicles: if you can go by plane, it is best not to take the train. The airport is 10 times better than the railway station.

2 risk gradient: exit is the most dangerous place, out of the station, pay attention to the luggage, a satchel inclined back in front of the chest. Note that when the station and not anyone to talk, do not use the mobile phone, quickly leave the crowded area, best to leave the square directly; more from the exit of the security


3 in the square, and not any stranger, including bus, hotel soliciting, selling maps, selling phone cards, borrow the phone to your own to find a hotel; don’t believe lakezai from the square.

4 Beizu change money, how much to pay for how much, this can avoid not change or find counterfeit money.

5 do not use the public telephone near the square, be careful to use mobile phone (robbery); see Lanzi look around, in the past, the radius of not less than 10 meters (to prevent the fall; if a blackmail sunglasses) will point the vernacular, try to use * language, said I was "old Guangdong".

6 as far as possible together; do not wear too conspicuous jewelry (such as fake diamond ring, either), do not reveal the rich.

7 money, large amounts of cash to personal storage, can wear two pairs of socks, put the money in the middle sole two layers of socks, if possible, can also sew underwear underwear pocket. Petty cash to be separated to prevent all pickpockets, in public, petty cash should be enough, otherwise it is not safe to take money very embarrassed.

8 to sit outside the bus seat, Pakistan, not the door. More than two pocket money, preferably not less than 200 yuan. The first car robbery, grab the door in front of the people * or, if can not find the money (even if you really have no money), will poke a knife, a warning to posterity, otherwise the robbery not to carry out the work, so avoid the door, ready to buy life money is very important.

9 most likely to be eyeing the people: small, foreign accent, bags, is a look at the new field employees or tucaizhu (broken suit + password box); the relative safety of the people: the company uniforms, inclusion of more than 1/3 * language, no luggage, and with robust and strong walker.

10 of course, although the police unreliable, but the police for help or in a foreign country the only choice in distress.


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