The opening of the store selection of women’s attention

women’s clothing market has been the most popular category of sales, women’s clothing is never subject to any restrictions on the demand for clothing is never saturated. Therefore, now want to invest more and more women’s clothing sales, then women’s clothing store in the selection of the time to pay attention to what the problem?

store not too small

Menlian selective attention

Menlian greatly only cheap clothing stores, run, or wholesale, larger flow of people. Fine facade requirements slightly deeper, four positive. We shop or to find a certain space of the store, in the store on the choice to try to avoid such shops.

new investment shops, the reputation is not great, not many people, and have not formed a cluster effect, and compared with the traditional market is not easy to shop success.

in women’s clothing store location before doing the investigation, more than four stores do not choose the best, choose a mature people shop can make dress shop business easier.


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