Jingmen in 2015 to complete the 16 major city school cooperation activities

college students entrepreneurship has formed a certain theoretical and practical basis. Since 2015, the city of Jingmen began to implement the municipal government cooperation with the municipal strategic cooperation plan to promote the development of entrepreneurship.

2015 in June 17th, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Institute of Technology; September 24th, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Textile University; school October 30th, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with South-Central University For Nationalities……

file clearly closely around the city seven leading industries, the implementation of "a municipal leaders, led a responsible departments to set up a working class, a university docking (research institutes), build a cooperation platform to promote a number of scientific and technological achievements of the" six "working mechanism. According to a Bureau, led a department, serving a city leaders" model, from the formulation of the programme of activities, publish relevant information, institutes and universities to negotiate docking, the drafting of city school cooperation agreement text and other aspects, guidance, coordination of 18 municipal departments, 18 Municipal Committee, earnestly vice mayor, the municipal government Party members were led into the coordination service in Chinese University institute.

I, as an old industrial base, phosphorus chemical industry, petrochemical industry and other traditional industries account for a large share, has a good economic base, huge development potential and strong technical talent demand, the municipal government and the chemical recycling industry identified as one of the seven pillar industry in our city. Last June 17th, Wuhan Institute of Technology and Jingmen city and two Duodao district government signed a cooperation agreement, more than 100 chemical experts to visit Jingmen, Ariadne, the interrogation pulse, results, recommend the project, to further deepen the school strategic cooperative partnership, promote the cooperation between University and enterprise.

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