nventory run men in those sponsors

if you want to ask who is now the highest ratings of variety show, we will invariably say "run brothers," the name. The "running man" shook the screen, in addition to several star fire up, there are a number of brands to seize people’s attention. So what is the name of "running man"? Below, a list of men run in those sponsors.

"running man" each program in addition to the stars, a large or small, a sponsor or covertly implanted, are also watch. For example,  , run the first quarter of the public sponsor of the battle of the car, with the run it Ling crossing, run it brother, this slogan, so many viewers remember it.   with the running man became popular, Ling crossing visibility and exposure also rose.

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"running man" program became popular, behind the sponsor brand will fire up, this is the advertising effect of TV programs. I have to say that these actively sponsoring running men really do business, so there is a growth in the space of a variety show cooperation, I believe that their sales are also safe to go straight up!

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