Zhu Weilian United CEO adversity growth story

United CEO Zhu Weilian was born wealthy American, but he is not willing to just blindly request adults money, but by virtue of their own efforts to get it all. When he was young, there was one thing that was enough to prove his mind and ability.

on a business trip to Shanghai, I dropped in to see my classmates.

‘s father is a successful businessman. The old Xie after graduating from college, inherited his father, in her father’s. Father advanced in age, gradually decentralization, so the old Xie young, when the boss.

dinner, the Secretary to report to him, there is an American Contact agent advertising business. Thank you for listening to each other is a Sino US joint venture company, immediately agreed to contact, and arrange for the deputy, first touch the bottom of the american.

was curious and wanted to experience the American way of doing things, and I stayed for the next day.

that the United States veterans came to the company on time. The boss is a young man, Bilaoxie looks younger, sincere attitude of humility, speaks Putonghua blunt, clothes wrinkled, like the flea market Amoy bargain. Lao Tse had lost interest in the conversation with him, and soon sent him away.

I asked Lao Xie why he gave up the business so soon.

"He claims to be an American," he said. "

has a standard Chinese face, and he has to defend himself. Step back and say, even if he is a Chinese American, there are two situations: one is money can not come back to seek investment; another is abroad really hunbuxiaqu wimp. The man came to the company today, he was riding a broken bike, obviously he does not belong to the former. In addition, according to my deputy investigation, the American boss, rented in a dark narrow remote houses. As you can see, he is a farmer who works like a farmer. This shows that he does not have any strength, his identity is very suspicious, I put so much advertising fees thrown to him, how to do?"

‘s logic seems to be impeccable. I was not impressed in his wily.

, however, Lao Tse is wrong. We are all wrong. Just two years later, he had to sit up and take notice. The young man founded the rapid rise in Shanghai, very influential, annual turnover exceeded two hundred million yuan. While the old Xie company, since his father died, a day to decline, and he cannot be mention in the same breath.

the United States is a young man Zhu Weilian

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