nventory of five silk joined brand

now people are very interested in silk products, that it is very attractive, but also to highlight the luxury. So what are the silk franchise brands? Today Xiaobian for small inventory.

is set to silk textile, silk clothing, silk, blended, mixed color spinning, silk, silkworm base acres and nearly thirty stores, Susie agency as one of the large-scale comprehensive enterprise of trade workers and peasants.

Zhifang silk

Zhifang silk to adhere to the "quality first, customer first, the pursuit of innovation and common development" commitment, to the pace of development of calm, pragmatic management style, dedicated to advocating fashion, leading the trend of the industry pioneer   chi square! Join fully integrated silk from design concept to the production of high-grade products, and realized in the retail market. In this process, the company has successfully completed the transition from sales to marketing companies.

Zhifang silk in full swing unlimited business opportunities to get rich, the pursuit of a higher level of vision guided Zhifang silk stores, chi square silk garment industry to join a strong change, Zhifang silk join also take the opportunity to develop, enterprises are larger.

silk Sakura

Sakura brand silk by using modern scientific means, in cooperation with the Austrian Italian clothing company, by the Italy famous fashion designer, presided over the design of the original enrichment, produced in Italy. Country of adoption

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