The new station was included in Baidu have pity on

July 28, 2008 is an unforgettable day of my life and will go down in history as well as all other memorable events.

today is Monday. I came to the company and used to enter in the Baidu search box. Amazing pop-up links to our company’s Web site. The site was finally included by Baidu! I almost shouted out excitedly. I’ve also entered a snack bar, a smokeless barbecue truck and a snack bar in the search box, and found the top three pages in Baidu.


finally have pity on! Insiders said Baidu on the website more stringent requirements. What’s more, our company’s Web site is a static page. When I first took over the website, I knew it was tough, but I stuck to it. After the time is updated every day, and the manager’s nagging womanishly fussy optimization.

these days, the manager has been thinking about it. Let me change the website from the next template to the website. I searched a template on the Internet and let him have a look. He said the color was too bright to attract customers and retain customers. I said, you are right, but the template on these few, not good-looking, to no longer spend money to do it, but you do not worry, we that site, I think it will soon be included in the Baidu. I was comforting him, but my heart was empty. After all, we’re not Baidu, Robin Li. In this case, a website is being put aside for the time being.

this does not, today suddenly found that Baidu not only included our website, but also got a good ranking, deep down, why not cheer?. In fact, I feel that if your site is not very bad, he will be included, the key is to see if you have patience. Beginners are often impatient, like me.

from the site to the collection, row to the previous few pages, a total of more than 20 days and nights, this time, a few degrees of insomnia. Once upon a time, once doubted their ability, wondering whether the line SEO can help the site back to life, doubt yourself on the site made a lot of original things, as well as high-quality links will be good for nothing…… Everything has vanished into thin air.

I think I can master the knowledge of SEO, and then continue to develop like sem. That would be a challenge for me,

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