The nternet still creates legends, and you might be the next focus

has just stepped into the Internet, and I’m constantly learning to gradually hold a little knowledge of how insignificant that knowledge looks. Love is the network successful person experience, every time it seems, like reading novels, often feel that these stories do not in themselves, feel more simple and naive in this respect.

every time after reading, their feelings are very deep, but also deeply with their own reality, find reasons, learn the direction of development of the network, learning network knowledge. From the first local station, to the present small game station, picture station, all in groping study. Now I feel do stand is a commercial road network development, everyone desperately looking for a IP, see the traffic sources, find a way of network promotion, the importance we are also deeply aware of the flow, and to affect the site’s ranking, ranking as a personal webmaster, few can do, a few can do well. As far as the situation is concerned, the purpose of all this is for a noun, advertisement. The development of entertainment websites depends entirely on the support of advertising. As an advertisement for every webmaster in a network alliance, commercial websites are not mentioned here. He is an advertisement in his own right.

as a personal webmaster, who can understand the development environment of the personal webmaster, do you stand basically are for one purpose to make money, but we also deeply feel the network is not easy to earn money! If I am wrong, you can criticize, you speak, people have. People who sing high sounding words, in general, do not make money in their hands, low-key people, in desperate money. I really believe that, because it takes time, and he doesn’t have more time to talk about it. People are different in character, thought is not the same, standing space development is not the same, but we all have a common purpose. Quite a few of us are still in a state of poor living. The price increases in 2007 fully confirmed my life, with a few hundred dollars per month living expenses, as a man, I feel a lot of pressure. Even want to make a pocket money on the internet.

network has created a large number of people with lofty ideals, young Li Xiang, Ding Lei, and so on! How much they paid, how much study, how much to learn. I now find myself looking for reasons why I do not have the opportunity to go online. I found that I was wrong and very deep, can not let the environment to adapt to you, you have to adapt to the environment, don’t find too many reasons, I want to stick with me, to prove to everybody, work hard to do, do, regardless of the outcome or not regret.

no matter what kind of station you do, it will eventually be commercial, because you and my life are closely related to money. I insist on standing in the end, even if I break the blood flow, I am not afraid of difficulties. I’m not afraid of Baidu sealing my station, I want to do for them to see, I hope to Baidu K station friends also need to be strong, don’t depressed life. We are standing for content is king. I will show it to you in my heart, for one will be with me forever

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