Tan roots investment immigration industry network marketing share

in recent years, investment immigration, study abroad, visas and other related industries can be said to be red flag. Cai Gen Tan network marketing agency from 2009 on the overall operation of a network marketing project investment immigration. Have some immigration industry network marketing, network marketing network promotion and operation experience, in order to share. The article is divided into two parts, and this is the first part of the analysis of the problems existing in the online marketing of the investment immigration enterprises.

investment immigration enterprise line marketing model defects

investment immigration company, the traditional line of marketing, mainly through the conference marketing model to promote. First of all, according to specific countries or projects to plan the topic of investment immigration Theme Conference, and then through the local newspaper + SMS way to promote information, set up 400 advisory hotline. Generally speaking, the meeting will be on the spot to stimulate the transaction gimmicks, discounts and awards.

this kind of marketing mode should be said is very useful in the early stage, but in recent years, because the competition is too intense, basically the effect is very poor, some of the investment cost of various fees in about 100000, and eventually even 35 target customers (in fact most of them are "on" competition staff) to the venue, often 0 turnover the very end, the rate of return on investment. The reasons are as follows:

1, newspaper advertising information arrival rate is low.

usually newspaper advertising is mainly targeted at the masses of the crowd, often because the newspaper has a rapid and timely delivery of information, covering a wide range. But for investment immigration industry, covering hundreds of thousands of local surface reported Guangneng group, but the real target of just a few, because the investment immigration is high demand for funds, at least tens of millions of assets, the proportion of the population is relatively small. And newspapers in the current era of the Internet, its influence has declined greatly, basically has become tasteless media. Real investment immigration target customers few can see the immigration company in the newspaper advertising, so it is not difficult to understand the tens of thousands of newspaper advertising, even telephone consultation is less poor reason.

2, the failure of SMS transmission.

SMS dissemination has a high arrival rate, targeted features, the initial view is suitable for immigration companies as a communication channel, almost all immigrants and study abroad companies do the same. Every time before the meeting (many immigration companies have meetings every week, ha ha), all contact the mass mailing company, mass mass of advertising information. However, the immigration company still found ineffective, the reason is: first, SMS spam messages to mobile phone, this is the main advertising information natural aversion; two, SMS company in order to make more money, have fooled a lot of mass immigration company, general every time is 500 thousand, but in fact, the 99% is sent to the independent group. Tan roots every Thursday to Friday, have received dozens of messages, is all about immigration, investment, education, real estate and other related, but in fact Ken Tan is a thorough proletariat, fundamental to those not interested in.

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