Where is your moat Sand set mode alerts grassroots webmaster

as the "Internet Era" Xiaogangcun "," Xuzhou city Dongfengcun town Suining sand most villagers went to farm (production), while Taobao shop online "gold" – many online there are college students do. So the network marketing "Shaji mode" suggests that it must rely on sincere service to win customers, network marketing is the "foresight" and no "late" than "first mover advantage", on the basis of network marketing (SEO) technology, want to make the network marketing, is entirely wishful thinking.


is on the Internet, RBI own online shop sand collection villagers (network picture)

It is not uncommon for

farmer entrepreneurs to succeed in selling products through Internet marketing. But the popularity of the network marketing operation mode of Shaji mode "the whole village farmers become more professional, it must cause the grassroots webmaster" Wangzhuan "attaches great importance to the.

it reflects the current grassroots webmaster and "Wangzhuan" are caught before the interception (Brand Company), after the pursuers (new entrants to the network industry of small and medium-sized enterprises encircled by all walks of life). To the grassroots and higher for people, "live or die" Hamlet question is not alarmist.

and the net near the "farmer entrepreneur" and "more than grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan" not only the lack of "good service" of the "core competence"; a unique selling point cannot grasp to a proper extent of their products; the grassroots and rely on network marketing (SEO) technology is becoming more and more obvious; the kind of "peasant entrepreneur" to "network marketing" has the news effect caused by the mainstream media and social concern, is more general and grassroots webmaster "Wangzhuan" unattainable.


Lao Guo Internet sale radish is I (network picture)

, for example, when many professional network marketing professionals still is how to find their own "differentiated marketing" highlights the confusion, Tianjin farmer Guo Zhizhen graduated from junior high school, is not only a good grasp of their own creation of the "old Guo Internet selling Radish" marketing the difference of bright spots, but also in daily business and daily life in time, consciously amplifying their own this spot will not only "the Internet is an Laoguo sell Radish" printed on the name card, a delivery van, written on his wall, set for mobile phone ringtones, and also received a stranger calls, habitual repetition of "the Internet is an Laoguo sell radish".

and now "Shaji mode" are often experienced war and grasp the general direction, and with the network grow up university graduates do online mode of operation, so a clear division of labor, complementary is far stronger than the Guo Zhenzhi "word mumbo-jumbo" blog sell Radish "stones". Compared with such "Shaji mode" and "grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan" bad "

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