Web Analytics key part of e-business digital optimization (top)



has no numbers and analysis, no e-commerce.


worked in e-commerce for some time and found that his ideas about data had changed a lot. In the past, we held the theories of foreign countries, and then stood on the Bank of the river and pointed to the people swimming in the river. Today, when you jump into the river, it’s a different feeling. On the one hand, the river is cold and cold, and on the other hand, it begins to understand why the people in the river struggled with all kinds of strange postures. This article, I take part in the car products feel "wisdom of teacher business in Hangzhou, West Lake autumn" speech finishing, also recorded "I feel in the river".


this is a very difficult, but also every electricity supplier will ask the question – how do I optimize the key figures in my business?.

I also face the problem of hundreds of thousands of different answers. Optimize the key business figures, there is no fixed strategy, so there is no fixed answer, but it is not without trace, but there are chapters of the law. Even these methods do not really require you to start from scratch, and many of you have already prepared a lot of nourishment, just as you have the heart to follow.

so, let’s first see what our predecessors have given us to nourish.

‘s critical first step,

what is the first step in optimizing e-business key numbers,


, the answer to this question is, "what’s the key figure in e-commerce?" but that’s a serious answer, and of course it’s a serious problem.

analysis is not in order to analyze and analysis, analysis of no clear purpose, is "making a fuss". Analysis is the need to consume resources, and the consumption of all is "sunk resources" – time, you can not put analysis into the field of analysis did not need to go. Therefore, the first step in e-commerce critical digital optimization is precisely identifying what key numbers are.

identifies key digits in e-commerce starting from KBR. "KBR" was a word brainwashing when I was at Adobe Omniture, meaning "Key Business Requirement". Of course, this is just the Remy Martin Erguotou bottles. KBR is nothing new, but points out that your analysis starts with the key business requirements of the organization.

but the idea is very important. In essence, this method of thinking is what we are familiar with as the "Pyramid way of thinking" – there is a fundamental basis for everything, and everything will eventually come back to that point. In our analysis, many times we were guided by interest, and found sparrows chasing sparrows, and found rabbits chasing rabbits again

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