Wulin statistics, stop service analysis


today the boss "that" once the stationmaster net statistics service stopped, why is the "boss", this is from my own feeling, I very love for some of the features of it, such as statistics to the domain name how many pages connected over, there is a trend of the hour flow through this map, can quickly know more today and yesterday’s traffic trends, through this map can clearly infer today flow is about two less, this is my most love with the function. "Wulin list" has come 5 years, why stop the service at this time, I summed up a few points, if the analysis is wrong, can give me advice:

1, martial arts list today from the site to which it doesn’t count how much traffic, this is the most common site in the function of statistics, but the net was not martial arts, martial arts is not as can be imagined in the list of companies do not attach importance to this service, so the owners do not attach importance to "cute" list of martial arts.

2, powerful technical personnel list of martial arts that switched to the CNZZ, the list of martial arts no care although technical staff did not give up and give up martial arts list, but almost every day, only do simple maintenance.

see this message, get some inspiration, do stop people ah, do not lazy, not carefully take care of the site you have good ideas and good ideas are of no use, content is king is no exception, all websites, do stand, friends, don’t think about COPY


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