Previous work required by the travel web site

2009.2, 27, the website structure for reasonable adjustment, the main Guan Jian word: Hongkong tourism, Shenzhen travel service, assistant to Guan Jian words: Indonesian visa, two cycles, observe Guan Jian word ranking,

do the work: add the chain, links, content updates, soft text promotion, Guan Jian word observation, resource cooperation, user experience configuration.

at 9 a.m. -12: update the article,

at 1 p.m. -2: link

2 points -3: soft Wen promotion

3 point -4: observation website: user experience, optimization point of view

4 points -6: add the chain + check from the above work, the site has beneficial work

chain = high quality: Admin5, Chinese webmaster, outdated, Sina, and dispatch, and so on, published his article, from the introduction of the company website link name;

links: focus on peer sites, PR higher than 2, Baidu, Google included higher than: 600, the site experience is good;

content updates: daily collection of tourist attractions, latest travel information, travel notes, etc.;

soft text promotion (relatively hype gimmick): write three original articles every day, published in the network, IT information network and other name station, so as to improve the website exposure rate, website popularity;


Guan Jian word observation: the promotion or reduction of Guan Jian characters, from the observation of Baidu algorithm, policy optimization, so as to get the best plan for site optimization;

user experience: website add online advice, let the user experience speak a part of bad opinion, home online customer service (EC) to let the user experience is not good, has used QQ and MSN online customer service, EC is only in the home to jump out, the other pages will no longer use EC, when the user wants to choose us the product, users will click on QQ or MSN online customer service, users may not use QQ or MSN, we can direct the inside pages, add a link to the online customer service, customer service center of the page, this is a personal opinion, of course, you can use a number of support under the condition of the establishment of the way to deal with the increase an online survey on the website, to think of the user experience is not good for the user, the user is God, not half of half experience is good, experience is not good.

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