The website actually comes from the life needs

in fact, originally built this express inquiry website purpose, is for my own inquires convenient. The story of the station has to start with my wife. She’s from a foreign trade company. The second half of last year, when their company in order to solve the company’s inventory problems, in Taobao opened a foreign trade Taobao shop. Because their company is not familiar with e-commerce. And I am a computer, and my wife in my listening to the computer level, in their company can also be said to be a master. Ha-ha。 So, Taobao shop’s task naturally handed over to her management. And their company management is quite strict. QQ in the company. Websites are not available. Only for her to open the Taobao and wangwang. After the sale of natural things, check the courier information always ask me. For a while, STO inquires, for a while is Yuantong express, rhyme express. And I have to go to the corresponding website to query. And foreign trade companies, then there are some international express, such as UPS express, FedEX express, DHL express, TNT express, etc.. In this way, different express company’s operation is more troublesome. So I think of some of the commonly used express to focus on a web site. It’s convenient to query. In order to reduce their workload. Do it yourself, and write a comprehensive express inquiry network. To facilitate express inquiries.

it’s not difficult for me to do a computer for a computer like me. So immediately, the domain name registration, but good domain name was registered by others. Let a special website friends think about what domain name registration is relatively simple, good to remember it?. Friends said later, take an express check check it. Read the rhyme. The length is ok. So immediately finalized, registered. Start writing programs at the same time. Because the website only provides the express inquiry function. So the website interface is simple and refreshing, with the principle of ease of use. After 5, 6 nights struggle, express check the site on the basic out.

because the site is simple, and do not have to do any big test. There is room for myself. Once you’ve written it, put it on the Internet right away and start working. Now my wife wants me to check express. No matter what express. I directly open the website, you can check it. It really saved me a lot of time. Feel this site is still very practical to do.

is better than lele. So I recommend the website to you. I hope we can provide some help, save everyone’s precious time,

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