Sparrow how long is the station less than one hundred P in thirty thousand

remember to do English station time, joined a group chat English station. When I was in, I saw everyone talking about how high the price of their English station. How much money did you earn today?. I don’t know how to stand in English and I don’t know where to start. What is asked. They can give reference to learning?? asked after no one answered, the main window will Q I said, this group generally do not ask. You ask, no one said, even if that is not necessarily his station. English station, if you do Google advertising, click in the country, it is easy to be K, but you can ask what to do the industry as well as do the idea of station. From then on, when I was talking in the group, I stopped asking other people’s websites. Today I’m talking about a website. Hope you can understand after reading it.

to select an industry website we can do comprehensive station, if there are a lot of financial resources can stand bigger, do more famous station cost industry, it can do the flow must be big, big flow just rely on Google, Baidu alliance can also earn a lot. But for our individual, limited capacity, funds and resources are limited, so we can subdivide this industry, do this industry within a small category. If you can do this small classification to the extreme, the possibility of making money is relatively large.

today I share the idea of a website. One keyword is CP’s website, which is less than 100ip a day. CP is a very thin and very thin branch of a product. We do web site to Baidu browsing, a look can know about CP keyword, in Baidu competition is not strong, it is easy to optimize up. I counted the ad number of the site is 27, assuming that the average ad every year one thousand, a year can earn nearly thirty thousand. If we can do three or four same station, the profit of a year tens of thousands, to our individual stationmaster, also calculate pretty good. What is worth noting is that we don’t have to make great efforts to optimize and send information to do such a station. One hour per day is enough. Perhaps some friends will ask me to do it, nobody do advertising? I have observed this website, at the beginning there is no advertising, then have a do will have second, third, tenth. We can do this to cultivate customers’ advertising habits. First ranking, ranking and so on, first free of charge to several advertising. First, we have a ranking in Baidu, there must be a lot of CP manufacturers to see, second, many manufacturers have done advertising (they do not know is free), we all have this habit: follow the trend. Then you just have to collect the money. The reason why I didn’t publish the URL and CP was because I was responsible for the webmaster, and this is the main idea. I hope you’ll understand)

I think so, a SEO beginner, or a network of new entrants, not necessarily make money, a mix in the Internet for a few years, learned a lot of SEO technology may not be able to make money. Can earn money, a large part of their own execution to do, and then there is a little bit of luck. >

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