Talk about grassroots webmaster do real estate kind of Web site that thing

in China, the word "real estate" can be said to make people nervous. The reason is very simple, it is countless people to target; it makes millions of Chinese people have the superiority complex; it makes many people lost; it is a pillar industry in the national economy China. The mention of real estate, in addition we expect the world countless slaves, and the other end is thought of is a group of nouveau riche are generally two; thinking extreme, either for a suite of the bottom people lifelong struggle, or is in the top of the real estate developers. When it comes to the Internet, the real estate as a pillar of the national economy, of course, it is indispensable.

and when it comes to real estate sites, we are also thinking of all social tyrants, because only tyrant can do with the real estate tyrant friends, cock wire is impossible to be tyrant fancy. Some well-known domestic real estate websites, such as the site of the site flow, which founder is not a rich background of people ah?. If we say to our friends, we want to do a real estate related websites, friends will certainly reply "tyrant, we do friends" and so on. But I think the fact above is not absolutely cruel reality, like we do in other types of sites, also have a lot of giants are doing is not even think we also do not want to do, but in fact many grassroots in giants dominate the field still have the sound color; real estate website why. And I’m not afraid other people laugh, the months of the experiment had a real estate website fool real estate network, I didn’t copy that real estate website common in the Internet, and I do is the website information, the equivalent of a navigation station or a classified information network. And these months, my website can bring hundreds of independent visitor traffic with Baidu every day, and the effect of flow of this kind of website is better also. Here is a simple talk about my doing this simple website of the thing, it is a bit of their own experience, it can not be any experience.

do a good job of positioning. Front said, whether it is to do real estate or indirect, do real estate type of website, are people feel high-end on grade live, and I as a grassroots personal Adsense, what to spell grade?. One, we do not have enough connections and funds; the two, I myself was later, the front of the family has done very lively, and others have been very lively. So I can not use their own weak body is face to face to touch with them, to do websites such as real estate portal, it is simply yiluanjishi. And I was positioning, it is to analyze the relationship between these giants, that is, competition relations, competition between the industry is indispensable. So, my position is to integrate the information about the real estate website that I know all over the country, so that users can find these websites quickly, and I just provide some relevant information. Of course, at the beginning of the giant website will not be able to see my site, will come to ask me to put his site in a good position, and out of the giants, there are many weaker than the giants, but stronger than me

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