Simple talk about PHP open source, CMS and other mainstream systems

simple to write their own used PHP, CMS and other open source system of feelings,


, write down Kang Sheng’s first, the proportion is bigger,


1:discuz SUPSITE UHOME the 3 systems should be the most used Kangsheng company, especially discuz almost is a sign of the WEB2.0 era, I do forum required procedures, speed and stability are very good, especially the safety completely assured. The supsite DZ is compared with the user less, can not completely become CMS! And Kang Sheng development direction, my website Wucheng information port is to use SS feel good. UHOME how do you say? SNS era almost on behalf of the program, it was counted, every 10 SNS sites, 9.8 of the UHOME to do the feeling is good.

2:DEDECMS you are, some people say that this is a garbage station maker, Dede has a strong collection function, many websites using DEDE system, DEDE program is stable and famous Admin5 can adopt good speed, but the security is not very reassuring, often in the forum to see the site was linked to horse.

3:PHPCMS has been acquired by KU8, it began as a good reputation, this system gave me the greatest impression is the board is very difficult, almost impossible to find a good template in the forum, most of the charges, the system board. Other things are hard to say, and this system has not been used frequently.

4: Empire CMS so far did not remember how to spell, had to write the Empire (more lazy Oh ~ ~ ~ ~) this system template rich, belonging to one of the mainstream CMS. Template should be used in the system, which sort of better, other aspects of bad evaluation, only once.

5:PHPOK this program can not do CMS acid, mainly for enterprise building site, may be a lot of people did not use this system. Mainly for enterprise board production is simple, program load ability is poor (for enterprises suitable for small and medium-sized Web site).

6:PHP168 P8 do not say no CMS how about him? I have no sense of security system, with two times more than six months to do the station, have been stolen data intrusion (not that I’m such a person) is rich in P8, classification, pictures, video, BOKE etc.. Now it seems to have developed a business system, I feel in the trial, but this system is not safe, redundant places and write a lot of code, the official does not know this is for what, art is relatively poor, hope the security and improve art.

, write these for the time being, remember these, and have time to fill it up,

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