Gu Shengzu a new round of entrepreneurial innovation wave of the six characteristics

editor’s note: public entrepreneurship, innovation is the power source, it also provides Fumin Road, fair, power meter. At present, the public entrepreneurship, innovation is to Liaoyuanzhishi around the vigorous development of "double" concept increasingly popular. In the new Internet era, only to follow the development of the new normal, grasp the characteristics and trends of a new round of business innovation, resolutely eliminate all shackles and fetters, innovation and entrepreneurship to create a good ecological environment, in order to truly make entrepreneurship and innovation become the trend of the times, brought together a strong new momentum of economic and social development.

China’s economic development is in a growth phase shift, structural adjustment pains, pre stimulus digestion period three overlay, while facing the manufacturing industry to capacity of real estate, "to stock, bubble to the financial system", "deleveraging", "environmental pollution" four "labor pains", the economic downward pressure increasing. To maintain stable economic growth, avoid economic "hard landing", we must build a new engine, by promoting public entrepreneurship, innovation, release their wisdom to promote economic development, from the factor driven, investment driven to innovation driven, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, bring vitality to the economic sustainable China.

Since the reform and opening to the outside world, China has experienced several

. Is a 1978 party after the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, on the establishment of township enterprises, urban self-employed and private enterprises for the characteristics of the "entrepreneur"; one is after Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour in 1992, the following features of entrepreneurial business sea wave; there is, after entering the new century, with the development of Internet technology, risk investment and capital market. In the new Internet economy features of entrepreneurial. At present, China is forming a new wave of entrepreneurial innovation. In order to make a thorough understanding of entrepreneurial innovation, the author of this year to Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Fuzhou and other more than and 10 city were investigated, the survey shows that more than hundred enterprises: a new wave of entrepreneurship has six characteristics.

first, with the public business, put forward the innovation ", commercial system reform deepening, a number of policies to support the Small and micro businesses have been introduced, government reform as the initiative to become a major driving force to promote a new round of the wave of entrepreneurship. On September 2014, Premier Li Keqiang at the eighth session of the summer Davos forum speech said, through reform and innovation, "Dongfeng" in Chinese 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers of land has a "public business", "entrepreneur" of the new wave. "Public entrepreneurship, innovation" is written to this "government work report", and upgrade to one of Chinese economic transformation and the steady growth of the "double engine" height. Around the public entrepreneurship, innovation of the new deal, the government, through decentralization subtraction, mobilize social innovation to create enthusiasm. Through the cancellation of administrative examination and approval, standardize the examination and approval behavior, in order to continue the self revolution, open the door for entrepreneurship, for the development of enterprise deregulation, to expand employment help.

according to statistics, the State Council has been canceled or decentralized nearly 8>

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