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if you are a beginner, please look at the following and ask the old man to make a detour. Thank you.

to build their own websites easily, but free is very difficult, because now most of the free space shortcomings: poor stability, less service, Business Hours short, small space, FTP permission, the majority of advertising. Simply not up to the requirements of their own, so only a year spend hundreds of dollars to hire their own a space. You can build your.


DIY has become fashionable today. Have you ever thought about DIY (building a website of yourself) or owning one or more self selected domain names (email addresses)


step 1: if you do not ask, from the selected virtual hosting service providers "in the selection of a minimum capacity (of course, the cheapest, for example 100M) virtual host to trial (in accordance with the" prompt steps, fast website without even a few steps only need to fill out dozens of characters on the Enter key a few times can fix in a few minutes). Fast, then a few minutes of operation will be able to get a station (mailbox) space. You will then soon receive or see e-mail or information about space usage (such as domain names, IP addresses, and FTP, etc.) on the web page. This step can be completely free (provided you choose the free two level domain name provided by the service provider). If you want to use your own top-level domain name for your site’s domain name, you’ll need to spend about $90 / year (.Com) or $150 / year (.Cn). Domain name can be purchased directly through the web site of the web hosting service provider.

builds its own website or mailbox system, and uses the address on the Internet, which is domain name. Applications for the use of a domain name, generally pay tens of dollars each year to more than 100 yuan of fees, the domain name for the top-level domain name. However, if you use the free domain two domain name provided by the service provider, you can save the cost. For example, a service provider for xinbaa.org or idaog.cn, top-level domain, and the domain name of the top two domain names for their users, users can freely like idaog.xinbaa.org two domain names for their application space. The idaog here is a name that can be chosen by the user itself. In this way, your site domain name is idaog.xinbaa.org, your mailbox will be [email protected], [email protected]

Step 3: the

virtual hosting space management interface (sometimes called control panel) into their own space, in accordance with the menu to confirm the size of the space, and can immediately add mailbox users and use the mailbox. Note that once you’ve applied for the virtual space, you have not only got the hard disk space for storing web pages or any other files, but you’ve got more than one mailbox, but you can create multiple or even dozens of mailboxes

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