Fast pushing network Webmaster talk about registered CN domain name

I remember a skit. It was Guo Donglin’s performance. I can’t remember what the exact sketch is. But one line I remember very well, "impulse is the devil."". So, why does today’s Twitter call "impulse is the devil"? I’ll talk about my feelings about my registration of.CN domain names. This article only stands for the idea of speed nets, not for the opinions of others.

to tell you the truth, the webmaster is not a domain name business, and I don’t have the ability to buy or resell domain names. Just a small book division of the webmaster, register a domain name to do a web site. That is, a carrot, a pit like that. Unlike those economically minded owners and rice farmers registered as a lot of domain name in there, waiting for the appreciation of fare sold. As for the exact amount of profit they make, I don’t know, nor do I want to know, because the more I know, the more I think. Of course, I was also these network reports and some webmaster soft Wen nurtured, said a vernacular, that is, washed brain. (I dare say, not just me). Under this kind of impact, I don’t think there are only one domain name in the hands of several webmaster. At least, there are three or four domain names.

In fact, many domain name is

by some people and registered a momentary brain fever, especially some new Adsense or is engaged in the new domain name business people, but the old farm is generally not do this stupid, they are an antidote against the disease is generally not easily shot. In the past, I always liked the use of emotion, that is, the so-called impulse, want to be out of one, always feel good, unique thinking, and afterwards know that is not the case. The most obvious aspect of this is the registration of domain names. 09 years ago, China’s.CN domain name was only one yuan, and it rose to 18 yuan after the year. At that time,.CN domain name is my only love, there are two reasons for me to do so,

first, cheap: who can not afford a dollar? Tell the truth, one yuan can not buy a bottle of mineral water, let alone other things. With that in mind, I remember registering a lot of.CN domains that I thought were better. Probably spent more than 100 yuan, that is, more than 100.CN domain name. With the in-depth understanding of the domain name slowly, what is a good cognitive domain, what is Larry domain knowledge and so on. Today, I found that I used to register domain name is almost one hundred percent, are garbage domain name, no one wants domain name, others when a grass, funny is I used to be a treasure. But these names are not renew, because there is no value to the potential value are not included as. Now.CN domain name dropped to three yuan again. But I’m not what I am. No longer registered domain name, passion and impulse.

second, publicity: online media reports and other advertising campaigns have a huge impact on the social population. If you do not make great efforts to publicize, how can you make a group purchase rate? CNNIC for the promotion of.CN domain name under the ruthless effort, the most direct and effective is to work hard on the price, one yuan a. Who’s seen?

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