3 year valuation broken 1 billion, this company from Shenzhen growth faster than millet

Abstract: in addition to products, in China’s hardware start-ups among them, is the first addition to millet, the first 3 years of valuation breakthrough 1 billion Unicorn company".


is going to be "Oriental Silicon Valley", Shenzhen still can not get rid of deep impression: fast, cheap, Huaqiang North copy.

is an obvious example is the fake Apple Watch appearance, watchband and even inside the software interface, and the original Apple Watch are similar, if separated by 5 meters, can tell the difference between fake and genuine.

, however, this is not what is needed most of the day for another Silicon Valley Shenzhen. Similar to Xinjiang, as well as our recent attention to the flexible technology, such independent research and development capabilities, you can obtain breakthroughs in key areas of new technology companies, in order to make Shenzhen have a stronger "city card."".

according to HAX founder Cyril Ebersweiler previous reports, the world’s 11 highest valuation hardware start-ups, only millet is a Chinese company. In this report, he suggested that in the field of hardware entrepreneurship, the window period for Chinese companies would be short. The key is how many hardware start-ups do not know how to make, sell, and sell products. And if foreign hardware entrepreneurs overcome language and communication barriers, prototype design and production in China, then the advantages of Chinese start-ups are less obvious.


Cyril does not mention is that product prototyping in Shenzhen is also a dangerous thing. Because of the lack of protection of the patent system, many manufacturers directly at Huaqiang North Kickstarter, using its powerful processing and manufacturing capabilities, the above products copied, and sales.


this is the usual practice in Shenzhen. The first thought of good ideas, not necessarily the first to eat crab, but there is a strong marketing capability, channel capacity, rapid replication of products from the market to the delicious soup pot. As a result, Shenzhen has always attached great importance to technology research and development company, the product breakthrough technology content is not much, nor the formation of technical barriers, and no technological breakthroughs and innovation, how can Shenzhen and Silicon Valley as


in fact, for hardware products, simple and repeated competition, such as low price sales, is now a capital game that big companies can afford. The more complex business competition, the more you need to rely on "hard power" to speak.

used to watch "I copy you, you copy me" competition, as well as products. Even the less important technological breakthroughs can win the favor of the Chinese public. Prior to this, OPPO spent a few years studying the fast charging technology, not only to the consumer’s welcome and respect

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