Electricity supplier operators read Jingdong big promotion routine

combination of my own learning and summary, this article revealed the Jingdong big promotion period have done what the planning and content, so that electricity supplier practitioners can understand the cognitive electricity supplier big promotion "routine"".

Why does

have a big promotion node,


1. strengthens brand memory

brands need to constantly through event marketing, advertising communication and other ways to convey to consumers the brand image and brand value in the operation of the development process, the formation of a mind of the brand in the minds of consumers, eventually transformed into the brand impression to buy. Tmall double eleven global carnival, Jingdong 618 quality carnival, Suning 818 fever Shopping Festival and so on, in which the global, quality, fever, etc., is to convey the concept of mind to consumers. Big promotion like arm, stimulate the potential demand of consumers, through effective marketing tool with fun gameplay can stimulate consumer desire greatly.

2. driven annual sales, stimulating interest growth

has always been an important battle to promote the electricity supplier company, to promote the sales of nodes occupy a large proportion of total sales, Tmall said that some small brands take part in a double eleven after the boss bought a house to buy a car, do not worry about the annual results. And every year in the big promotion, double eleven are very important electricity supplier big promotion node. Now let’s take Jingdong as an example to reveal its 618 major ways and routines.

3. to suppress competitors, highlighting core competitiveness

When the

Jingdong in the 618 quality of the carnival both stations how soldiers stood outside the cloth, will promote its logistics how accurate, how fast; and when Tmall double eleven will promote his global commodity, global big, global fashion, this is because of its competitive advantage. So we see the major electricity suppliers in the big promotion, will certainly find their own core competitiveness, to combat the opponent’s pain point.

secret Jingdong 618 major rhythm arrangements and promote the appeal during each period

618 big promotion from mid May began to enter into the warm-up phase, from mid May to June 18th to spread the campaign period, the warm-up period, special period, the outbreak period of three stages to undertake preheating, promote the overall activities of the water, plus to the outbreak, the three during each period of different demands in 2016, Jingdong 618 big promotion case is from the beginning of May 14th, the 618 phase of the overall publicity, and the demands of different periods of the period is not the same.

period: the main rally spread in the market expected to sound within the industry, this time will be combined with various brands of suppliers, some authoritative media opened the 618 conference, on the one hand is to unite brand suppliers to competitors in pressure, but also to convey the relevant industry influence to the consumer information


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