Brief analysis of four methods of high quality content in County Local housekeeping network

local housekeeping network can be said to be very obvious local website website segment type, its service object is clear and niche, it is very important to the local network so as to enhance the domestic viscosity, only as far as possible to get the favor of the minority, can gradually merged into huge profits! All of which are high quality web content there is a close relationship can not be divided.

unfortunately, the relevant information of local domestic network is very fragmented and widespread, even if it is put in a lot of human resources, to the market on the acquisition, that is also very difficult to obtain the favor of users of content, such as local housekeeping recruitment, cleanliness, nanny Yuesao, electrical maintenance, pipeline dredge and so on, it is related to the family all aspects of life. In the face of huge internal capacity, how to obtain high-quality and accurate information content, thereby attracting the attention of users, has become the key content of building local housekeeping network. The following author from four aspects to talk about the author of the local home network content source


1: look for relevant information from the local portal

is currently almost every relevant local portal, local portal is complicated, involving all aspects of life, so more or less local and domestic information with intersection, the author from the local web portal in the major sectors, especially the second-hand information sector, find some maintenance information. Moving information service! Collect these information, we must seriously appropriate accuracy of these sources of information, because the information only to ensure accuracy, to ensure the quality of information content. If the information is inaccurate, the more original, then the greater the damage to the site.

two: looking for

in the streets

although many people abhor psoriasis spread in the high streets and back lanes advertising, these ads are often related to psoriasis local housekeeping information, such as what is moving, dredge pipe, gas water and so on, in fact, these information, we can collect their own web sites, because the source of this information is generally very real, and through their own collection, or the release of information, contact, let them put the information into the local housekeeping site, also help to clean the street, to make some contribution to the construction of their own city

!Of course,

visited the high streets and back lanes at the same time, now every city has a housekeeping service company, the company released information is very accurate, especially Yuesao nanny and other information, these domestic service companies are the first-hand information, not even distributed on the Internet, so contact the housekeeping service company, to encourage them to release free information on its Web site, the premise is to ensure accurate, you may be in the process of propaganda, the housekeeping service company for the Internet release of information is not very understanding, at this time you want to appropriate training, according to your needs, let them according to a certain format to publish, which helps enrich the content of the website at the same time, also help site optimization keywords >

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