Depth analysis a mobile power supply, why do O2O

[Abstract] a mobile power, mobile phone accessories and hardware manufacturers in the O2O can do what the article? PISEN chief operating officer Ceng Xiaochuan recently billion state power network to revealing the internal driving force of PISEN into the O2O, and the specific test scheme.

, in his opinion, do O2O because the light by the stores have been hard to earn money, and O2O by Tmall, Jingdong and other platform side of a heat is made, brands must actively promote, explore new rules of the game.

The following is

billion state power network and Ceng Xiaochuan dialogue:

, chief operating officer of PISEN electronics, Ogawa

Why does

sell chargers for O2O


billion state power network: PISEN to consider why do O2O? What is the main driving force of


Ceng Xiaochuan: O2O is an important goal is to revitalize the offline resources, including stores and clerks. At present, PISEN has nearly 400 stores nationwide, with four or five people in each shop. From the trend of speaking, the traditional single sales model is not earn money. We hope to expand our market share through our services and differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

One problem with the

mobile power and mobile accessories market is that consumers don’t care much about brands. Most consumers do not understand the parameters and quality of the product. They will pay attention to the brand when they buy it. They feel they can be used normally. Even if they have better products, they may not be exposed to it. As a result, service will become an important breakthrough point for us to differentiate from our competitors.

billion state power network: what are the PISEN O2O service can provide


Ceng Xiaochuan: 24 hours, the fastest one hour, of course, this requires additional fare increase. (editor’s note: the city of 100 day is now PISEN has a year of trying to "Huiyuan" service, to achieve the consumer online orders, PISEN delivery and provide related services) at PISEN Huiyuan provided service has been covering the domestic first and second tier city, such as Beijing within the five ring, the ring of Chengdu.

PISEN built a big flagship store in Yiwu this year, 300 square meters, from the traditional concept is not necessary, must be a loss. But this store has additional value for us, and as long as the Yiwu region has an online order, the store will undertake the logistics and distribution business. Distribution, at present our trunk logistics mainly rely on third parties, terminal distribution by PISEN store clerk provides.

of course, in addition to door-to-door, PISEN will also provide more on-site services, such as home installation, home film and so on.

New game rules in the

O2O era

billion state power network: O2O needs to do what changes to PISEN’s own


Ceng Xiaochuan: the basis of our O2O is that there are more than 400 stores all over the country, and all of them are direct

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