Entrepreneurs dry cargo share how to work in big data applications

NetEase Francisco March 9th news, recently, organized by the 36 data of the application and practice of "big data" salon held in Beijing, a number of big data industry on behalf of the enterprise to make sharing, and solve the problem of big data business applications.

below is a wonderful view of NetEase technology finishing the scene guests:

Zhang Ximeng: enterprises should pay attention to product retention rate

The core of

GrowingIO company CEO Zhang Ximeng shared "growth hackers" in the speech of the. He believes that the core growth including access to users, hackers to stimulate active, improve retention and increase the income and dissemination of recommendation, supporting the growth of hackers continue to create business value "behind" is a big data.

Zhang stressed that enterprises should pay attention to product retention, especially mobile Internet products. Focus on retention will lead to better customer word-of-mouth and marketing effects, longer customer paying life cycles, and more opportunities for cross selling and lower CAC/LTV ratios.

Xiao Yonghong: data transactions are the right to use or data value, rather than the data itself

data hall co-founder Xiao Yonghong said that the direct data trading platform is not possible, because it involves the original data security and privacy issues. Data transactions are not directly selling the data itself, but the use of data or data.

in Xiao Yonghong view, the big data industry is really set up the core of technology.

Liu Jinling: focus on the field of subdivision of large data products easier access to capital favor

36 big data founder Liu Jinling believes that big data is a plough industry, find the breakthrough and development in depth business is very important, big data applications focus on segments of the easier access to capital favor.

According to the

36 big data study found that currently get big data for corporate financing, most have been in this industry for 2-3 years. Big data business can not be anxious, can not blindly rely on government support and financing to seek development, can really create commercial profits with big data companies can survive in the fierce competition, big data technology and talent is the core competitiveness.

Bao Zhongtie: mobile App has become the customer and data entry

TalkingData chief financial industry experts said Bao Zhongtie, data science is the art of converting data into action, different people’s perspective will bring big data different business models.

seems to Bao Zhongtie, companies are turning from product centric to customer centric, while the mobile Internet is becoming the mainstream of online commerce, mobile App has become the entrance of customers and data.

Bao Zhongtie said, mobile big data insight customers are mainly reflected in the following areas:

1, mobile data >

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