After the search era, traffic conversion is the key

05 years ago, companies competing to do the site, and finally found that the site has done is a decoration. 05 years later, companies desperately do promotion, website traffic increased, but the number of orders has not improved. Li Zhi is engaged in the network marketing, in recent years heard most is the enterprise such complaint. While a comparison of enterprise network marketing is the number of 4000 small and medium-sized enterprises is a very small proportion, but most companies have realized that the future development of the enterprise cannot do without in order to reduce the cost and enhance the market competitiveness of the use of the internet.

website, do promotion, is still the current enterprise network marketing most commonly used, the most important means and way. "I see traffic not see the order to come" embarrassing situation, is the current enterprise must face and need to solve the problem. Li Zhi suggested that small and medium-sized enterprises in the future in the purchase of network marketing products and services at the same time, we must enhance the "site traffic conversion rate" as the focus.

enterprises to do early promotion, to maintain a cautious attitude, you can choose the current mainstream of several promotional methods to try. By comparison, and then choose their own companies cost-effective network promotion. Must not rush to follow other companies to do crazy investment, or simply listen to a network agent, Huyou products, how good?. Ask, how many network products can bring real effect and value to the enterprise at present,


‘s current network promotion and online advertising model has been relatively mature, and no longer do list here. With a stable website promotion methods and traffic, enterprises can through the following way to "flow into order" work:

1, network marketing planning agency:

The so-called

network marketing planning company, not the certain web agency (engaged in the establishment of business, agent of Baidu, Google and other products of the company), but can provide integrated marketing solutions for enterprise services company. China’s more well-known network marketing agencies, Wang Tong pass Wang technology, Feng Yingjian’s new competitiveness.

enterprises through consulting professional network planning company, you can get the system site diagnosis analysis, website operation, network marketing personnel training and other services. At the same time, it can help enterprises to track and monitor the effect of the implementation of the entire network marketing. As the network planning company is to provide specialized, refined one-stop service, the fees charged are generally high, a planning program at tens of thousands, high to hundreds of thousands. Implementation of the program, the company also requires professional network marketing talent can achieve results.

plans to find network planning companies to help companies get more orders, early preparation of a certain amount of capital investment. In addition, looking for companies in the industry to have a certain reputation, customer word-of-mouth good. In addition, the so-called SEO is not equal to network marketing planning, SEO is only part of the network marketing means, please do not confuse.

2, full-time network marketing staff:

currently has a.

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