How to do a good job of nternet companies how to be a good investor

why should we focus on investors? Because the position of investors in the whole project is too important, because his decision can affect the success or failure of the whole company. There are many kinds of investors. From the financial point of view, there are risk investors, that is, the investment of money, regardless of everything. And bring your own money in, and then manage it yourself.

from the ability to say, there are industry investors, is very understanding of the internet. There are layman investors, do not know or understand the Internet a little bit. For the industry investors, we do not say here, because they are very understanding of the Internet, they will know how to do a good investor. To say is what investors are now, they have a lot of money, heard that the Internet is a profitable industry, the money came in, but they do not understand the industry, and the kind of people in Chinese very much, I can say that at least half relates to the Internet company is such a person, so I would like to talk about the focus, because as an Internet people, very much hope that any one project can be successful, money is secondary, can see their own projects by many people admit that this is the greatest happiness.

as an investor, with a large sum of money to the industry, for their ability is no doubt, they are a market veteran, but gehangrugeshan, can succeed in other industries, does not mean that can also succeed in this industry.

I have a friend, is also this kind of person, he in his original industry, very successful, make a lot of money, so think of the Internet industry to play. For people like him, making money is no longer the main thing. Doing business is the main thing. Of course, as a businessman, he must aim at making money, but what he wants more is to do a new job.

then took the money and passion into the Internet industry, but after several years, he did not like the idea that success, do all these years, but also a waste of money, without a single success, the reason for too much. Every time I think of a good project, want to catch up in the fastest time, for software development is not urgent, once the time of emergency, the software not only with its shape, in fact, even the test are not on the line, not to mention the user experience. Every time just on the line soon see don’t earn money for new projects, the result is always kept for the project, but not a real stable product, results of a few years, the product is done, is not a sound product, is only an embryonic form of the no products, and the market compared to similar products. Then intervene too much, because in the past has been a strong man in his field is often autocratic, to this industry or before that, the results have the following people are afraid to make a decision, he can only say, the following people even mentioning the opinions, nor does he accept, in the course of time no, people mention, how did he say how to do, but he do not understand the Internet, the result is not a >

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