116 web game network site summary

ha ha is similar to the work summary of the nature of things, published here, on the one hand, many webmaster counterparts can see, increase the number of communication and exchange opportunities, and promote each other; one is responsible for the operation of the station to do a little advertising, welcome everyone to communicate,. Gossip less, talk about these months do station experience. The website is: www.116wy.com

1. station goal: the company decided to do a web game website, similar to 265g, as the wheat group. The reason for this is that, on the one hand, the industry has just started, in general, the market is not saturated, there are Likotu; on the one hand, the company is optimistic about the future development of web games. Start late, it will spare no effort to catch up. As long as you do your work, you may not do it, but you will get it.

2. preliminary data preparation, industry information review. Really, this stage wasted too much time, the end of March for the project, has been delayed until the end of June, the website was stumbling line, really should not be, my duty to stand a very large, very feel shy, in fact it, I will try to catch back.

preliminary preparation includes: Industry and market analysis,

creates web game information web site, reason

analysis of potential competitors

revenue and market outlook analysis

personnel requirements analysis

website construction and development plan

promotion scheme

analysis of some mixed forecast, feasibility and so on. In short, more than 1 months time spent all over this, and this may be the company’s operations and individuals do stand difference. The advantage is to prepare the relevant information in advance, and then to do the station when planning, objectives, operability, controllability are very strong, and the effect of monitoring is also very good. The disadvantage is the cycle is too long, there may be a lost opportunity; the operation is not flexible enough, not enough time to the specific operation of everyone’s enthusiasm to play. As for preparation, I just outline our outline, and analyze the specific plan, which is not repeated because of the length of space. There’s a chance to come out alone and discuss it with you.

3. website construction, internal testing.

was our plan is to develop their own set of sites, because of too many early time, and to achieve the line, just from friends to know 265g, maituan. These sites are developed on the basis of dedecms. I think, forget it, we also do not avoid vulgar, first out on-line operation, a period of time in the revision, the template is bought from a webmaster friend hands. Here to say a little, capable or their own development, with someone else’s template is still very tired, and many things have to change, really no easier than yourself to do.


program was revised and completed. It took 5 people 3 weeks to complete before the line

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