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I’ve always been a fun person, although I’m majoring in computer science, I still do pretty well.. So, my website basically is to help a friend get back, he is the IT industry, so write a program for him is a small case, and I all do stand experience are basically he taught, he helped me to do the template to me, then this is my station. ~~

All of the

data collection, classification, layout, LOGO design are responsible by me, I received the first domain name is: www.sweetmemory.cn, that is a friend sent me a birthday present, at that time, he said to register 60 years I did not agree, only registered for a year, I wrote the diary for the later date without a renewal, now very regret..

then, I registered www.kevenfeifei.cn this is my second blog, has been registered for two years, I have been trying to take care of it before, the purpose of our life is to write the diary, then I had a crush on beauty, it has now become the Britney Spears beauty, his love of the article in order to collect all, sometimes their own computer to solve problems usually encountered and recorded in the above, or occasionally to record their feelings, it is like a notebook to me, I love the feeling, want to learn things all on top..

like this, the data becomes more and more gradually.. Recently, I always wanted to rectify it and make a website form, because he didn’t help me, and I couldn’t do it myself. I hung it all the time.. Ha-ha。。 No matter what, I like my website very much. I do what I like to do. I don’t care how successful I am. I don’t care if there is any benefit. Just have fun and be happy. ~

ha ha, because I am an environmental protection industry, because of the relationship between the work, recently made a non-woven website: http://s.86wufangbu.cn are about environmental protection, but also a small notepad for me.. Watching it grow gradually, I felt very happy.

although I only have two small websites, but on them to spend the time and effort are many, and gradually let me become less play games, this is a big step forward, oh, let my site to do my bosom friend, life in the record and I worry hi


care sites just their own spare time for a hobby, but as with all the webmaster, hope that their website is a popular, a platform can solve the needs of users, when I am free, will carefully update their web site, every one is yourself seriously read, edit and re wrote on his website. Responsible for their beloved little station, but also to the small station on the ID responsible. Be your helper and try to provide the information you need.

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