Rookie teaches you how to increase the PV value of an online movie station

haven’t been to Admin5 for a long time. My movie station has no time management. I didn’t want to do it. In the Admin5 forum posted a sale post, a lot of friends contact, but the price is very low, so did not sell. A few days ago, I want to make a full revision, change the program and change the title. Every day before the revision, 2000IP, PV, about two times. After revision, IP dropped to 1000IP, but PV increased to ten times. IP has also gone up, and here’s a little bit of my experience. I hope it’s a little help for the movie station.

first says what is PV, PV (page view), that is, page views, or hits. The master’s explanation for PV is that a visitor sees several pages of your site within 24 hours (0 to 24). Here needs to emphasize: the same person browses your website same page, does not duplicate computation PV quantity, points 100 times also counts 1 times. To put it plainly, PV is a visitor who opens your pages.

understood PV. What’s the function of PV?. My understanding is that PV represents the visitors to your site visitors of love, love, love is the search engine, it can improve the search engine for your friendliness, let you have some rankings, there is increased advertisement click rate, this is the same IP station to earn money not the same. PV high station, of course, earn more.

how exactly does PV improve? I think I need a good program and style to improve PV. Style does not require very beautiful, but must be concise, we can refer to the next tudou7.cn style, very refreshing bar. The next step is to start with the content, the content of the general election of concern, attractive. For example, I do the movie station, the content of course choose hot movies, the best movie, we can go to top.baidu.com to find a few. Now in the middle of the movie station there are movies, pictures, and movies. It’s important to recommend attractive movie pictures to attract people and improve PV., rather than opening your website and not having any good movies, X. Recommend movies, you can view statistics, see the movie keyword which high, recommend this high home page. Finally say what effect PV, before the revision of my movie station almost filled with advertising, an advertising website, who would like to go, put appropriate can, traffic is not high, it is best not to put good, now generally need to be 100 to settle, what time can you receive the money the alliance, encounter black heart not to mention it, concentrate on improving your traffic, traffic is king. Time is late, first of all, this is a rookie experience, I hope it will not mislead you, for the improvement of PV, we welcome your valuable comments. We learn from each other. Finally, section of small ads: welcome to Baidu included good similar sites and exchange links, contact QQ:316862054.

Admin5 starter, welcome to reprint.

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