Record a layman’s way of building a station

in Shenzhen for 3 years of foreign trade, to return home to start, change radically, I majored in foreign trade, after it has been engaged in foreign trade, the program, but has been utterly ignorant of, who will contact the electronic commerce, electronic commerce is one of the main means of propaganda of foreign trade. The porcelain boss and several good relations, will join the red business.

well cut, I’ll call a friend made a foreign trade enterprise station, mainly to promote in the B2B world, keywords also gradually explore, click not to have customers from Google to search a single sample, is to reach the goal. Recently saw red porcelain industry website industry is not what decent, he asked a friend to make a stand ready to start promoting information industry.

as a non professional, do not understand the procedures of the webmaster, I only from the customer’s point of view to consider how to make the site survive. In the experience of foreign trade companies, internal procurement, foreign sales, but also let me accumulate some experience in e-commerce. For domestic e-commerce, always feel the stench is too heavy, many websites for advertising only seems to exist, I really can not understand this website is how to survive, anyway I am looking for a product to see out of order links and flash bright station did not stay interested, it is some simple professional the website can cause my attention, I think what PR what their ranking is certainly not what some ads stand, but they are real for the user to create value, then he will be able to stable survival and development. Perhaps a lot of technical origin of the webmaster really should go to see marketing books, especially the customer experience chapter.

for the industry website, from my personal business experience has been dominating the country Alibaba, I and my business friends almost no choice in other online to find the goods, this might be part of the industry and regional habits, now I want to be an industry website, I think only starting from the subdivision of. I hope to have more first-hand information, create value for the industry, so that it can survive.

webmaster network for my site of the road to help a lot, and I will continue to update my site experience, I hope everyone comments





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