Ten characteristics of novice webmaster

1, a good site, go to the big QQ group went, publicity their station, although will be scolded very miserably, but still don’t give up.

many times are just finished your own website address is out looking for QQ. Management information mass software. At night we can’t wait to see the harvest. Today there is no vision group propaganda effect tomorrow will be better.

2, the site has just been on the line, it kept looking at statistics, 5 minutes to refresh once, and the result is only the poor few IP.

just finished a post to the forum, then see the traffic statistics and visiting user details. Hope that their son can bring their own web sites and users. The mood of traffic is proportional to this point. I believe that every new roots are deep.

3, only to do less than 3 days of the station, you can count on Baidu included, constantly open Baidu search: site:xxxxxxx

After the

website, the first time Baidu search engine to submit your site information. (in fact, this is wrong, when a spider through with your website address of the external links to your site, included may be greater) to webmaster type of website in search of how to let Baidu fast included methods and their experiences the site every day. See a help faster included regardless of the way there is no use will be placed in their own stand on a try. And then look forward to tomorrow site:xxxxxxx can see the information they want to.

4, every day to similar sites ctrl+c ctrl+v., the results are still very dissatisfied with their own speed, so they have to learn to collect.

many webmaster web site at the beginning of the line, constantly updated, overnight update hundreds of articles, hand tired, but also to learn to collect.

5, keep looking for similar sites exchange links, nor do you see your site has been included, there are PR.

many novice webmaster website online to find people do find links, QQ group, webmaster forums to find, regardless of what happens in your site, have not been included, no PR, we find that people change link, the station encountered some time, will let the old webmaster very embarrassed.

6, everywhere looking for free space or cheap space, 100M30 block is too expensive. There is always hope things are free.

many webmaster are from free space to start, and to find a free and good space is really not easy, say, now the space is cheaper than cabbage, free is not free, has no meaning.

7, the site has not yet a little traffic, just want to make money, any alliance to apply for an account, from time to time on the union background to see income.

many novice webmaster website, on-line, anxious to make money, any alliance to apply for an account, I heard

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