The 58 phase yaojinbo sell 1 domain for hundreds of thousands of wages

author Li Huabing, founder of the 51 car.

looking back, a lot of things in my life, in fact, at the age of 18 that year has been decided.

that year, I was admitted to the computer department of Wuhan University. When I went to college, I heard about Lei Jun and saw an interview in the computer newspaper. I thought this man was very fierce. Soon, he came back to school to give a speech and gave me some impressions. First, he was passionate. Second, this is the first time I’ve heard a word called "management". Third, he talked about competition with Microsoft, saying it would take another gamble with Microsoft over the next ten years. The applause, that is worthy of our big brother.

later, I asked our classmates if I remember the lecture by Lei Jun. They all said they didn’t remember, but I remember it very well. So, this is called karma. In 2011, Lei Jun encouraged me to start a business and gave me 2 million RMB angel. He is a noble man in my life, and I treasure this opportunity – not everyone can get Lei Jun’s investment, or your brother’s investment.

but maybe I’m carrying a huge emotional baggage back, because Lei Jun said a word when he shot me. He said, "Hua Bing, you know, I think you have a 90% chance of success, but I also told you second words, I voted no entrepreneur, no hang up.".

from 2011 to 2013, the two years when I was a car dealer, it was an unknown experience.

July 2011, Lei Jun invested. At that time, he had a good relationship with Liu Qin, and said that Liu Qin would follow him a little bit and talk well. He was ready to throw. But later, I TermSheet here and overseas institutions have been made, but feel there is not very active in Morningside, a bit slow.

one night in December 2011, I chatted with Liu Qin at Palace at 11:30. It was a large snowflakes, I came out is a snow-white world outside, very quiet. I live in the East five rings, a person slowly driving, 20 kilometers per hour, and finally home, already two points. This is a silent world, I know, no money.

I haven’t slept all night. In the early morning of the second day, I pulled several core people to the coffee shop next to the company. What can I do if I can’t get the money?. Some people evacuated, and some people say, "I still want to do with you, drop some money, quite a pretty.". At that time, slowly began to have some sales, dozens of orders a day, but only 30% of gross profit, income minus operating costs or losses. I said, the company does not become you, I a person to each one pursues his onward journey, holding company, to be the lowest cost of operation.

after the 2012 Spring Festival, I put the SOHO modern city office back, moved to the southeast rings inside the auto city. Operation, warehouse, warehousing are there, take goods is also more convenient. Personnel have been compressed, less than 15 people. Take five thousand dollars for…

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