Network of ten years of wind and rain, the journey carefree sigh

today is November 28, 2008, it is my tenth year of surfing the Internet. About 10 and a half years on the Internet. I remember to remember some things and leave a souvenir. Besides, you can pass the time!


think of the Internet for the first time, could not help but some playful taste, I was 18 years old, because go to Internet cafes to play Diablo, where to know what is the browser only know to play my game, in retrospect it is if I had just the type of "a big station at COPY may I am also a multimillionaire


of course I now occupation is not occupation webmaster, I work in a translation studio, and a few like-minded friends together, in GAME, Article translation, Translation Software and so on, has several times in a online translation, and multiple single game translation, can be said to live is full when the work is not boring, it


10 years, I have witnessed the Internet from the Chinese begin to display talents up to today’s sigh is also a lot of funny All flowers bloom together., his year also asked the management of the Internet bar with pen and paper to copy other’s Q number, that enter the numbers could chat (QQ at that time is money)


QQ is the first time I contact when I just go to the cafe near the cafe, not now so advanced, what is universal, Meiping and so on and so on, it is a piece of paper to record your time on the machine under the settlement, remember that they forgot to turn off the machine is QQ so I "borrowed" with his QQ, very powerful, very harmonious, this is my first true on the use of



10 years journey I have gone through numerous games, witnessed various domestic and international news (the studio also served as a major international news manuscript editing), the heart is like a WuWeiPing, change is too great, 10 years ago, the Internet is pure people chat, or early QQ QQ, children’s game, but the game is the game, my generation can be happy, I also have the honor to contact when the game, that is very simple, very harmonious, play the game as it is now, not to non mainstream, or love the mystifying handahansha, spelled RMB I dare not say 90 is no goods, but there are some training under



in 1998, if you are the master, you do a website, maybe it is your interest, because there’s no profit at all unless what is collect membership fee, but now? Everyone is different, in order to money in the station, and even some obsessed, what baituan big >

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