VPS panel vulnerability, webmaster today you backup it

today opened its own website "www.3gppv.com" can not be displayed, the first reaction is Ping IP. and the host no response. Not on the remote, immediately contact customer service, my station is with us swvps VPS. On the customer service website, but found that the day before yesterday customer service sent a letter, probably means: "a recent vulnerability was found in HyperVM and Lxadmin software development Lxlabs.com.". Any client that uses modules or dedicated servers on the Lxadmin control panel should back up the entire web site file / database home / office computer. The HyperVM of the control panel is disabled."

himself was frightened, will not be caught, I don’t have a backup, this can be done in the next station, impatient waiting for customer service, I also checked, "HyperVM and Lxadmin" vulnerability. Sure enough, that’s true:

: according to milw0rm, two weeks ago, the vulnerability was reported to lxlabs, but lxlabs still did not fix the bug, which eventually led to the invasion of many HyperVM hosts, and many VPS were deleted. Now, many domestic and foreign VPS providers have temporarily closed HyperVM. Such as: DiaVPS currently is the most affected with thousands of VPS users vaserv.com host almost all hosts have been invaded, must reinstall the operating system, and then restore the data, as of now, there are at least 17 hosts data completely destroyed……

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also said: "major Internet service providers say that as many as 100 thousand websites have been hacked by hackers who aim at zero time gaps in widely used virtualization applications. Vaserv chief Rus Foster said the technicians at Vaserv’s British headquarters tried to restore data on Monday night, and returned to the company after 24 hours of unknown hacker attacks. Hackers have access to their servers by exploiting a serious flaw in HyperVM, a virtual application made by LXLabs,.

, the more I think, the more I regret, why didn’t I back up?. His more than a year stand is gone, is really lucky ah, finally got the call back, the original customer service is already aware of the vulnerabilities exist, just shut down repair, not being hacked. Now the station is back to normal, happy, write about their feelings.


3GPPV VPSer:VPS remind you the price data is priceless, please make frequent backups habits, or write a script to automatically complete the backup!!!! wish you use FSCKVPS to retrieve data as soon as possible, to resume production as soon as possible. FSCKVPS is also expected to be able to deal with relevant matters.

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