Flow but a hundred small Adsense is how profitable

started 07 station, when I was a freshman, in fact, is not what the big one, I was kind of graduation on the junior high school five years of college, beginning with a forum ASP, during their learning website knowledge, starting from the HTML a little bit of science. Like many small individual stationmaster I very want to make money from their own websites, so the alliance of the League added a lot of advertising, including Google advertising alliance, but the fatal or no traffic on your site put more advertising forms.

so, I began to find me in the end is how to get their pot of gold in the website? No advertising what way? I thought this problem when I forget myself to keep learning, once said to his classmates but do not do, want I helped to do or teach him how to do, I also want to have no what can help others do? Suddenly I thought why not use this point to earn a little money? So tentative in their own forum to send a message that can help others to do the general website, also I don’t know how long I had almost forgotten in this thing when suddenly received the message to others say to do a website, and the requirements are quite general, I was very happy, I thought as long as the fix today The space and domain fees will be paid for this year,

!Earn 200 yuan

for the first time to do such business, (but have been very happy, but now I know that I was so stupid, on that site professional site person at the time of hand is not less than 1000 dollars. ) my website has been solved for one year, and the space charge for the year is 80. The first year of the domain name is free. Psychological tasted the sweetness, and begin to work harder to do their own website, it ran a goal, even if I only take a live one year on my website all put back, and when I received a second live seems to be apart for a long time, this time is not very smooth. Since the professional is not strong, always cannot make other satisfactory place, very difficult to finish this time, started to think about what to do, then is the sophomore semester just after, until then I was just some simple HTML and JavaScript, using the program website of others cannot read, others can’t change their procedures, so I decided to Study hard programming knowledge, so even if they can not write their own programs can also change other program.

then go to school on the issue, I graduated from junior high school, the five years of college, the college life is very disgusted me, there is no formal library school, want to learn can only buy their own books or find information online, with the teacher rarely, around the same school is not that good the people are wasting time in school, I do get even classmates ridiculed, rather than envy, in a variety of reasons I chose to drop out Study hard site, I must have the development in this area, just because I love this industry.

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