Dry sharing how to develop a complete site optimization program

want to do site optimization must establish their own executable website optimization scheme, the optimization work is just a process, more is the simple repetitive work, but it also has the skill and method, then your website optimization scheme will be particularly important. After optimization of the specified path for you, in an article on "A: share of small and medium enterprises in Dongguan how to build a feasible network marketing promotion plan" has explained the network marketing promotion plan of the enterprise, by now a came to share about how to develop a complete website optimization scheme.


1. Look at the historical data of the target site,

when we take over the site, whether it is new or old station, we have conducted a comparative analysis, this will allow us to better develop a website optimization program.

1. website domain name, age, PR value and weight

2. site collection (daily volume, site snapshot time)

3. site chain (what is outside the chain of resources, the death of


4. website keywords ranking and traffic

detailed collection of the above data to make detailed data analysis, so that we can more fully understand the gap between us and our opponents, as well as our website short board. So that our website optimization program more convincing.


two, understanding the internal structure and optimization of the target site

knows the basic data of our opponent’s website, so we need to analyze the situation of the station in the target station.

1. site visual effects

2. website structure is reasonable,

3. site navigation bar settings

4. content plate case

Construction of

5. inner chain

6. links are excessive


do the above data and records to develop programs, it can not only make your customers more confidence in your ability, also facilitate you days after the execution, but made optimization scheme. Doing so will only disappoint your customers and you won’t get anything. Therefore, to combine their own and opponents of the situation to develop a viable program.

three, analysis of the target site of the chain, so as to make strategy

web site outside the chain of construction, whether for access to search engine website ranking, website weight, more importantly, more web site exposure is an indispensable part. Now Baidu out of the carrot algorithm, to hit the chain, this is strict. How to do a better job of the construction of the chain is more important. Actually read me >

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