Pay attention to the design details of nternet products

in the current increasingly fierce competition in the Internet market, many Internet products are not too obvious differences in function or performance, but rather late products can in a very short time to reach and have a long time accumulation and development of similar Internet products, one of the reasons may be due to the technical innovation, or bring good benefits, the promotion effect of market factors such as the late start however, Internet products can surpass similar products, there is an important reason lies in the attention of Internet product design details. We often say a word: details determine success or failure, this sentence in the design and operation of Internet products is also the true saying, because a good product is not all directly designed, but need to go through certain exploration and batted, multi angle design details of Internet products to think and the layout of building out. As a simple example, the browser does not know how many, almost all of the Internet giant has the development and operation of its own browser, but this is not to say that the Internet giant browser product is a successful Internet products, success lies in the product itself, need to pay more attention to the design details of the product itself the.

, first of all, should continue to focus on the design details of Internet products. The details of the design of Internet products should be the development process throughout the entire Internet products, because of changing with time and market, with an Internet product will have a variety of needs of the market, there will be various changes, design details for the product should also change with the. For example, early chat software will need to meet the most simple text communication, and now need to meet the voice, video, file transfer and other needs, this also requires the chat software should continue to focus on these changes, demand at the beginning of may as long as can satisfy the text communication details, attention will be limited to small data transmission, as long as they can directly see the text can be, but if the back become the audio and video transmission, large file transfer, the details may be concerned need to consider the user receiving file operation habit, file storage habits, therefore, the Internet product design details should be sustained attention.


secondly, the design details of Internet products should be focused on user participation. Each of the Internet products are inseparable from the user, once left the user, it is not the product. Similarly, the design details of Internet products should also focus on user participation, that is, Internet products should be concerned about the user experience from the details. The following is the unloading process of the UC browser, we find that every detail of a product can allow users to get out of the ordinary user experience, and only let the user participation by users to make more good products from all the details of the product in the process of love.

addition, design details of Internet products should do everything. Many >

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