Doing a website is just a dream in the mind

look at the table, has been sitting for six hours in front of the computer, but still full of spirit, perhaps this is the legendary attention, when a person has a desire, there is a way forward, life will be meaningful. I can’t find this feeling in my class in the school. It’s not that I don’t like to study, but that I really don’t have anything to learn. Many years, I just remember some boring formulas and concepts. In the university some memories of a lifetime, pure, quiet, a bit, a piece, stay in the heart, deep.

sometimes feels that the world around you is changing so fast that it’s just that you’re changing and seeing things differently. It has been to the fourth to the final year of college, suddenly have feelings for the University, my feelings may be slow type, but it is very strong. The growth in the University for three years, from the beginning to the end of my college has not only feel what impression, it is a hotbed for a comfortable, will spend itself valuable passion. I don’t love the greenhouse like environment, it would make me feel the value of time, as it is a shame, one is to continue efforts to realize your dream.

Some people say that

is a personal webmaster God like, oh, I realized that, in order to personal website talent shows itself in many of his competitors, the Baidu keyword do before two or even the first, is to do a lot of work, personal webmaster like Xiaomi bees, hard-working, night sleep two it has become a habit, and constantly update their content, I used 30 days to three key words do Baidu top two. With the flow, we want to point the material reward, I am a novice, do not understand the advertisement, remember five days to try the domestic five the advertising alliance did not earn a penny. Once in a group have a cash flow, that is ten thousand IP to 120 yuan, my heart, who once wanted to be poisoned, then a friend received traffic, began well, but after three days and the poison, the days I feel very good, later want to open a new hand to the intersection of tuition, frustration is probably a good thing, the so-called chastened ah, later to see GOOGLE ADSENSE in the team behind the forum, feel great! You can earn dollars? I have registered, try it. Three days later showed a $0.1 account, excited. Ah, this is the legendary dollars? Oh, a material reward can be inspiring, so I work hard to update the site, with the increasing of Baidu included, the flow is also in a steady increase in 20 days, only 20 days time in the field of small website has a reputation, have A lot of repeat customers, every day also gradually achieved 15 knives. This for one of my students have been very happy! Feel like Google Adsense is a very good union, gave me the feeling is normal! Webmaster should as a partner to cooperate with Google a qualified credit, any cheating are short-sighted, we.

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