Some way to talk about the grassroots webmaster Wangzhuanndia electricity supplier Myntra $25 milli

according to rumors, the day before in India online online retailer Myntra has just acquired a $25 million investment, the company will use the investment to expand the size of the company. And help the country’s one hundred and twenty million young Internet users learn to shop online.

India Internet penetration rate of less than 10%, so there is still much room for development of the Internet in India. The development of smart phones and mobile devices is driving local Internet development. According to Statcounter data, at the end of this year, the flow of mobile devices in India will exceed fixed network traffic, so the support of mobile networks is crucial for the development of various websites. Therefore, the electricity supplier who is the first to seize the mobile market, who will seize the initiative, this is a good opportunity.

because of the post type task is a pure physical activity, want to make a lot of money from it is impossible, and with more and more people to join the network to make money on the Internet, more like a liar, the way a lot of Wangzhuan are deceptive. Also because one must always look ahead, one has to try to do something else.

SEO I have made myself a website, visits the site so far also increased slowly with time, on top of the sh419 website, shlf1314 has a lot of advertising although not included, but should also be a way to Wangzhuan. I believe that along with my website visit quantity increase slowly, later this aspect’s collection will also gradually change many.

Amazon recently through the creation of the electricity supplier website Junglee into the India network market, Junglee is a comprehensive online store, providing 14000 brands including about 12000000 items. See the electricity supplier on the Internet in India heats up, WAL-MART also recently revealed to open online mall in India’s intention. The entry of American retail giants will set off an innovative storm in India electric business.

although the outside rumors Myntra need investment, but Myntra co-founder Mukesh Bansal has told the media that the company does not need new investment, at least do not need 10-12 in the coming months.

SEO now with the increasing the threshold is low, many young people who join the ranks of the owners, but the owners are able to earn money through the network? I think not all can make money. The following I will talk about some Wangzhuan experience, welcome to brick brick house.

same, they also invested a total of more than 100 million U.S. dollars to the electricity supplier Flipkart. Flipkart is a local electricity supplier in India, and is currently competing with Amazon. After the current round of investment, Flipkart is likely to become another popular online retailer nationwide.

also with the passage of time, my site visibility and access popularity continues to increase, a few days ago someone had found me help him hang advertising, but later because of the advertising content is not very suitable for me to the site so I refuse. I think this should be the direction of my web site, as long as the good, it should also later through this path to get certain included.

remember just beginning to earn the first money from the network above is in college when, at that time the Internet right around the Forum irrigation, then accidentally found a website to do the task, is the site of the main task and help him to post a. Try to play the attitude of a trial, and later earned a few dollars, which should be my first experience in the network to make money above it.

In the process of



just contact to SEO is after my graduation in a network company work started, at that time every day to do technician SEO, then put his technology to steal over, and then do their own independent SEO, because I was doing the website construction, so as to do SEO experience do the site is also the case, and on the Internet there are too many to count, my blog, so I didn’t like, through the network found on my website or SEO is also more and more, so there is a way to make money through my network in his spare time.


above is through a number of ways to make money from the network above www.fhfdj webmaster Wangzhuan, master more will change a lot, but also hope that more is Wangzhuan enthusiasts to exchange of experience :740656458

according to the India times, before the Myntra investors Accel and Tiger Fund Company is ready to start a new round of investment, the investment target business class Internet business team, currently a total investment of $38 million.

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