Not only is the market capitalization of $260 billion Yu Minhong and Ma are still poor these 8 words

what do we need in life? Break through, break through, break through again, sometimes block our feet forward

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Ma Yun’s first training course recruited 20 people, 3 years later, the training course or 20 people, the training course failed. Ma Yun also made a translation agency, how to do, how to lose money, and then made a Chinese yellow pages, and failed again. Ma Yun ran to Beijing again and opened a joint venture company, and he failed for less than half a year.

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Ma Yun, I really admire him. First of all, I admire him. He has the same experience as me. I took the exam for 3 years before I went to college. He also took the exam for 3 years. I am even luckier than him, I admitted to the Beijing University of undergraduate, Ma Ma admitted to the Hangzhou Normal University specialist. Visible, we apart from the appearance of different, there are differences in intelligence.

people is not in family identity, not in looks, not in what universities. Remember, in this world, you are the one who rules your life. No one can pull you out of the mud. Only you can climb yourself. No one can stop you, just walk on your own.

sometimes I think in what place I told Ma gap? I found out later, with his gap on the last eight words, Ma is a typical more defeat Vietnam thrives figure, I am a typical failure is not the Vietnam War thrives characters. I came to this point later, but also from the friends around me.

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but the main income depends on the establishment of this kind of     their station almost no income

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Alibaba is Ma Yun’s fifth companies. Ma Yun after graduating from University, as a university teacher, like me, it opened a New Oriental foreign language training class, the first foreign language training class enrollment of 13 people, 3 years later, the same period of New Oriental students to 5000 people, successfully.

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please think about it, if it is you, even 4 companies have failed, what would you do? What do you think of yourself? Would you like to do this, Lao Tzu is not material, working for someone else I was born to be, I don’t have a company. But what Ma wants is, the failure ahead is to lay the foundation for the future of the world’s largest companies. I finally saw the difference between me and Ma Yun.

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now on the   website; promotion and engage in their own own station  


however, Alibaba in 14 years to the United States to the NYSE listing, the market value of 20 billion U.S. dollars, than the New Oriental Alibaba took a step back, we went to the United States in 2006 was 7 billion 500 million dollars, the market value of New Oriental to date. Of course, students do not underestimate the 4 billion, you want to do a $7 billion 500 million company, let me see is not easy.


sometimes, blocking our progress, it is not willing to take the first step of their own.

, 90% of the world’s people are followers, but you’re not. Remember, you’re here to lead the world,

The difference between

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ADMIN5 to Xinjiang Tibet as one of the
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shows here is not too understood   especially the development of

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