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people compete with people for understanding and understanding of an industry. Execution is important, but the essence of execution is to practice cognition.


I’ve been thinking about how to make a company grow faster. How can a person stand out from the competition of a group of people,

this is the four state of human cognition – "don’t know you don’t know", "know you don’t know", "know yourself" and "don’t know what you know", it’s also the four realm of human beings. I translate it simply as:

is the tuba rabbit CEO Wang Guobin, he said:

Four cognitive states of

Qijia network has been in the field of home improvement for 11 years, Deng Huajin told the titanium media reporter, "70% of this field of play law home network have tried."".



remember in Hongkong about a Ma tea, he almost no email, I was pondering over, why he can command such a big empire? He was later found to continuously observe the changes in the industry, from the change to find the key point for human resources and cooperation.

sometimes, I will also mirror to wonder why the future, during the period of the Opium War, the Qing empire lost so.

Internet home improvement is a low frequency consumption, non-standard service, and few giant intervention, "does not apply to the United States, such as the group," drops "such enterprises rely on subsidies to develop users".

today, we are in an era of great turning, and the cognition of every industry is rapidly increasing, and cross-border is becoming more and more common. If you do not maintain this "self denial" cognitive state, it is difficult to complete the rapid change in the industry’s cognition.

now I finally realize that the fundamental difference between man and man lies in these four states. Even more frightening is that 95% of people are in the first state, or even more. That’s why mediocrity is the majority. Turning a blind eye will only lose the possibility of promotion. Only self denial, to maintain the empty cup mentality, a person can really grow, realize the leap.

doesn’t know he knows – always keeping an empty mind, the highest level of cognition.

‘s early flagship product was ">."

carefully analyzes the two points of view, Deng Huajin and Wang Guobin said "burning money" is not a concept. The latter Wang Guobin to some other capital in favor of the O2O platform, such as catering, travel the Internet is high frequency low consumption, one of the reasons for this kind of platform is to burn the user; while the home is low and high, making heavy consumption, many users use a service will not be repeated consumption, so there is not much comparability.

The biggest difference between

Internet home improvement in the field of two "big brother" between a quite interesting "off the wall":

cognition is almost the only essential difference between human being and human being. The difference in skills is quantifiable, and skills add up, that is, skilled work. The difference between cognition is essential, and it can not be quantified.

doesn’t know that he doesn’t know – he thinks he knows everything and thinks he knows what he thinks.

Internet penetration of home improvement began

and human beings is cognitive

square is CEO of the family planning network, Deng Huajin, he thinks:

home network Deng Huajin believes that investors caution is also foreign, there is no Internet home improvement case available for reference. For example, in the United States, the purchase of building materials is doing better in a web site called Homedepot, and the normal life of tinkering, foreigners love DIY, at the same time, foreign houses are decorated, and China is generally blank Housing — consumer culture differences exist. In China to do Internet home improvement, only by constantly groping, in order to go out of their own mode.

recently I saw a picture, and I added a digital footnote to it.

knows he knows – capturing the rules of things and raising his awareness.

, a focus on the field of investors told the media reporter titanium, at this stage Jiezhuang investment in the field of Internet is "more cautious". The first reason is that the field is relatively heavy, strong dependence on the line, the Internet integration is difficult; two in the last year the first year of the Internet industry, a national home 200 to a home O2O platform coming out — but meaningful, "because they only provide a the Internet marketing channel, and there is not much change for Jiezhuang industry".

knows he does not know – awe, start empty cup mentality, ready to enrich their own cognition.


Abstract: Based on the ERP front decoration design decoration, building materials supply chain links, back-end, and design, construction and building materials procurement is the three core Jiazhuangye recognized, regulating the family network according to the three aspects of the transformation of the Internet, and still continue to invest in.

Internet for home improvement, the essence is to enhance the industry, but in order to create a more perfect user experience, "at least to burn out 2 billion out of a leading enterprise";

originally came to Beijing, Fu Sheng is not for the dream, nor is it necessary to change the world, that is, want to test graduate students or MBA, can find a good job. He stayed in the basement and spent a few hours a day working. He never thought he would have the chance to start a company or even go public.


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