Z-Blog, to develop, we must first learn honesty!Novice Taobao guest short-term increase in ranking a

third: rational use of internal links and external links.

second: to ensure the high quality of the original article

that afternoon, we posted a message on the Z-Blog forum, hoping to conclude the transaction with Z-Blog. But the official attitude is very disappointing:

started operating the first breast products project, I go to beauty website and women website in China is relatively large, collect a lot of practical product related topics and women pay attention to product features. Then targeted about 50 original articles, this article took me 50 days to a week, although it is very time consuming, but a month later, the day really brought me a relatively stable site traffic. Launched a total of 40 original articles, a total of six months after the website published 550 articles about sh419 included more than 570, of which 90% articles are my original finishing off. After six months of continuous published original articles, I do breast products have made sh419’s top three.

Z-Blog is a well-known Blog program in china. Ali’s mother is a very popular advertising agency.

The first day of

to tell you the truth, Z-Blog sells advertisements on Ali’s mother, and must follow the rules of Ali’s mother, just as people in China must abide by Chinese laws.

that successful advertising, they would go back, we said the first advertising affects the appearance, we said advertising images can be modified immediately, but they still insist on the end of the transaction.

at the end of 2009 when the guest contact Taobao, the so-called SEO is utterly ignorant of. It was the University of the third grade, every day a lot of spare time, and their love of web design things, always dream can have a personal website, so inadvertently met A5 webmaster. Just in November, the website propaganda website optimization training, see the top of the post training, see the fee is relatively low, and the training is relatively good word-of-mouth click register. In a period of course teacher 2010 the morning breeze and the lingering moon was honored in Shanghai earlier in the Shanghai station will be the scene and he made a brief exchange, memories.

as a novice contact Taobao customer side, website resources are limited, the forum group, blog group and the purchase of the chain is not suitable for our Wangzhuan novice. Link >


I am a university majoring in computer professional is not 23 years old, as a construction site today rookie introduce yourself this year in the Taobao customer experience, at present my monthly income of Taobao passenger stable at around 5000. I introduced the experience is more than a year to summarize the practical experience, although not on the night of revenge, but for those anxious Taobao guest novice has great reference. This is a year of experience, I summarized the main beginners start off and contact Taobao new site short-term experience of 3 ranking and weighting.


accidentally discovered Z-Blog forum, in Ali mother sold all station advertising, the price is not expensive, did not hesitate to buy three weeks.

first, if simple to learn the basic knowledge of website optimization.

is also at that time the formal contact site optimization knowledge, begin to understand Links about and understand what is the reverse link, to know how to choose the site title and set keyword, keyword density, understand understand user experience. Modaobuwukanchaigong, key steps and detailed understanding of SEO, can let us in the actual operation of the project to better seize the key, more targeted.

in order to match this advertising delivery, we have also done a lot of preparatory work, but Z-Blog an unwarranted reasons, very tough to close the transaction, we naturally do not agree. But unexpectedly, around 11:00 pm, Z-Blog forum unilaterally terminated the transaction, removed from the forum, and we launched advertising through Ali mother.


we buy Z-Blog released advertising bits, is in accordance with the provisions of the process Ali mother walked, is a transaction both sides willing to deal. After the transaction, there have been unexpected consequences of Z-Blog, Z-Blog, according to Ali’s mother’s customer service proposal, opened the audit function, and then contact the buyer consultation, put forward the appropriate solution." And, corresponding solution to them is unilateral termination of advertising? Z-Blog considered others for the advertising ready? Z-Blog considered joint losses for advertising? Do business do not comply with the inconstant in policy, basic integrity, Z-Blog after what can develop

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