Google privacy policy errors Microsoft drill grab users

Frank · Shaw said, noble baby new privacy policy will bring more difficulties for users to control their own information. In contrast, Microsoft provides a more friendly and gentle "scheme, we ensure the safety of users of Internet users, to ensure the safety, users can control their own data, users can choose their own information stored in the calculation of the hard disk or in the cloud, or stored in the two places".

February 2nd news, Google recently because of the new privacy policy under attack, Microsoft plans to seize the Google in the privacy policy’s failure to make a fuss, strive for more customers.

after this news release, Google suffered a new wave of regulators and consumer advocates criticized, they accused Google in protecting user privacy information is not doing enough.

quoted CNET news reports, Microsoft PR department vice president Frank · (Frank Shaw) today; Xiao Bowen said, Microsoft to provide users with a more secure than the nobility of the choice of the baby. The noble baby was widely criticized by the new privacy policy. Microsoft also plans to start a large-scale advertising campaign, the noble baby recent mistakes for users.

Microsoft also plans this week in a number of newspaper on the name of "people-oriented" (Putting people first) the full page advertisement safety ads will promote noble baby restlessness and users of Microsoft products.


it is reported that Google plans to further "simplified" various privacy policies of the company, will be more than 60 kinds of products related to the number of privacy policy to develop a set of unified guidelines. Google also said that it will reduce the number of so-called terms of service. According to these terms of service, users need to agree to these terms of service in the use of Google products, but the new term of service will help users more easily read the contents.

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