Start the 4 elements, grassroots entrepreneurial success must! (up)

Internet typhoon is coming, many grassroots entrepreneurs have pushed the entrepreneurial outlet, micro chain of these grassroots entrepreneurs often exist in the industrial division of the industry, many not much, a lot less, they are not concerned about, most of the time they have no place to make the effort, to light can not see the future.

I am an Dongsheng road of entrepreneurship is from a network cable, a computer at the beginning of the early and the older generation of private enterprises are a lot of small workshops began, Ma is from the beginning of sales, how not easy, today’s young people may want to do not want to come out.

business, in addition to their own efforts, more important is how to choose, choose the direction, personnel selection, selection of the market, not the right choice, further efforts are hard cattle, just a half a foot deep plowing soil. Entrepreneurial success is not just talk about it, it needs to do a detailed business plan, a profound understanding of the essential elements of entrepreneurship.


first: entrepreneurial ideas

according to my personal observation, the vast majority of successful companies, are a good starting point and entrepreneurial ideas at the beginning, and constantly changing direction, to find suitable for the market.

anyone with entrepreneurial experience will know that the whole team to do things, and the final shape of things, must be very different, but the general direction, in fact, can hold. Such as Manicure O2O beaver, first sounded great probability of fire, even if the product of the kernel and the details may be entirely different, but in the face of the people and solve problems are the same.

want to venture ideas can not only think about the product, but also to consider a number of other factors, such as market size and growth space, the company’s development strategy, future growth barriers. I am a big feeling is that if you feel that you are a good person, have a good team, it is necessary to choose a large enough market to play, or is a waste of resources.

is a big market, if as an entrepreneur you can occupy about 5% of the capacity of the market, you may have been very successful, and the future is full of possibilities; in a small market, even if you have 80% market capacity, not too optimistic about the development of your people. Ma and his 18 If you choose the beginning not the electricity supplier, but for a particular disease crowd service, so even if they do succeed, now do not have the momentum.

fish, fast fish eats the slow times, large companies will soon enter the market to make money, and ate the fish. And, if you’ve ever thought about starting a business, you may find that any idea that is clearly feasible has long been known to many people. So my advice to entrepreneurs in Dongsheng is to choose a small market.

is the best idea starting from their own, it is best to start with a very simple niche demand, and is.

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