Tsinghua after 90 entrepreneurs developed the world’s smallest PC machineEducation real time analysi

why can you do so small? The key is that it uses micro projection as a display device, using a laser keyboard as input device. The two can greatly reduce the volume of the machine body while ensuring that the actual area of the user’s output device and input device remains unchanged. The core technology of micro projection is DLP chip and optical path design and processing technology, which has a mature upstream supplier in Shenzhen. The laser keyboard uses image recognition technology to accurately recognize the keyboard characters of each finger, so as to realize the input function. In addition, its computing and storage scheme uses mature tablet computer solutions, so it has excellent reliability and integration. In order to meet the needs of entertainment and office two, Hua Yang team also developed the Intel Bay Trail Z3735F X86 scheme and Windows 8.1 platform system based on Arm, and based on the scheme of rockchip RK3128 platform and customization of Android 4.1 system. After the complete integration of the machine, the biggest problem for Hua Yang team is heat dissipation. Because the main board and micro power consumption and heat are larger, and the whole machine is so small, if there is no excellent heat dissipation scheme, the whole machine is not running. In the end, Yang team used the latest liquid heat pipe cooling technology to solve the problem.


Hua Yang named their invention "torch stone". It is a mini PC computer with all the functions of a traditional computer. But it is small enough to hold in one hand. Its shape is designed as a rectangular column, similar to the boulder in the Stonehenge, and in addition to its elements of light and shadow, so take its name "stone stone."". It was time to Yang wrote a sentence – "slogan inch, crackling".

many educators believe that the separation of educational software and the opacity of student data are seriously affecting the entire education system. In fact, 46% of the educators left the faculty after less than 5 years of work, resulting in a waste of nearly $7 million per year.



software to work, when the school is registered with Ontract, the company will connect core learning system of the school, and school teachers can be this software to connect to your own personal education tools. When students have learning problems and deviations, the software will remind and advise teachers.


‘s personal learning engine can provide teachers with a list of help resources, and teachers can send questions and lists to parents via e-mail. In parents >

FERPA platform will be able to comply with the education system of various separation connected together, such as student information systems and learning management system, it can collect and analyze the data of students, students learning dynamic help educators better, and the platform is simple, low cost.

JulianMiller has taught in high school for 4 years, and, like many teachers, he is very concerned about the results of student learning, hoping to help them achieve good results. Unfortunately, current educational software and systems can’t do this easily. He said that if teachers wanted to track students’ progress, they would have to use 6-8 different software to monitor students and class 360 degrees.

was so tired of his work that he left the teacher’s post. However, the question kept bothering him, and he began to talk to other teachers about the use of instructional software. He soon discovered that many teachers had the same problems as he did.

Yang Yang’s "torch stone" stems from his present wife. For a long time before marriage, the wife’s unit often sent her out on a business trip. Each trip back home, she would complain to Yang his notebook was too big and heavy. Complaining a lot, Hua Yang realized that there might be some pain here. As a Tsinghua engineering man, Hua Yang has always had a strong curiosity about the problems he has around him, and has a strong desire to solve these problems through technical means.

how to further reduce the volume of the notebook computer? In order to answer this question, Hua Yang began to know almost every day and Quora, read foreign books, systematically study the history of the development of computer technology, and think about the recent.

Ontract report is specially designed to provide users with quick and clear student reports that allow users to view individual data and to view group data. Teachers can use this report, and add more diagrams and information maps to make it easier to understand.



the second half of 2015, the Tsinghua University Department of mechanical 90 doctoral Hua Yang, in order to solve the notebook computer size is too large, inconvenient to carry the pain point, invented a may be the world’s smallest PC machine, and a series of application about the technology of the invention patent.

then Miller became a developer and began developing Ontract. He said, "if I had this software, I wouldn’t have resigned."." This week, Miller, along with co-founder MattDuch, officially launched the Ontract beta, a real-time analytics platform for services from kindergarten to high school, the Mint of the education industry.

As for the

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