Analysis of the influence of the number of sites

website ranking is not affected, but is actually the words indeed had an impact on Shanghai Longfeng, some factors directly impact on the site, and some things indirectly on the sites affected, seemingly also Shanghai dragon words of no great importance is actually very important.

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Before the The words seemed to

in the previous article, a point I discuss is that words have no effect on the website, as long as the said clearly, this article is a qualified article, and today I want to say is that the essay is related to the website. The first article of words can not be too much, like the old lady bindings smelly and long, eye fatigue will cause the user’s long article. Secondly, the article is not too short, too short articles seem very unprofessional, one does not pay attention to the user’s feeling.

wrote an article related words and Shanghai dragon ranking, in this article about the impact on an article on the website of the words, but today from Lu Songsong’s blog to see an article, let me change the last mentioned view.

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why many of the words are very short, the reason is write longer time consuming and exhausting, too lazy to go to the station to spend so long time to write. It was you, whether you are willing to spend more than an hour to write an article, very few earnestly to treat it, even though a lot of writing is relatively long, but they are on the false original to.

with a 200 word article for example, after a user to read this article, do not need to stay down, about the time in seconds, because read a 200 word article on the need for a short time, and have a more than 1000 word article, at least allows users to stop 2 minutes the amount of time, PV created a far greater than a 200 word article, what we want is not only how the user to stay, and thinking about how to allow users to stay longer in the time of the website, and the residence time of the words to the user plays a key role.

to personal opinion, if there are no special circumstances, an article is not less than the minimum of 500 words, the highest do not exceed 3000 words, this is a reference to my personal. PV to create a text user, long articles, will allow users to stay longer, so as to create more PV content for the site, reduce the rate of jump out of users. Of course, whether it is the long or short articles or have a good grasp of the quality of the article, if lost quality, long articles and short articles are of no use.

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